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ENVY - The Green Eyed Monster
June 03, 2018 08:44 PM PDT
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Steven Dunne addresses the issue of ENVY in the human heart and how intimacy and identity with JESUS is the only antidote.

Understanding the gospel of Martyrdom
October 08, 2017 12:08 PM PDT
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Steven Dunne presents an uncommon and oft times uncomfortable message to the local church in New Zealand. Biblical examples of Martyrdom are looked in the lives of JOHN, JESUS, PAUL and PETER as well historical characters in Christian History who have given the ultimate sacrifice for following Jesus.

August 23, 2017 02:13 AM PDT
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Steven Dunne gives a short pithy teaching on Perseverance

The Missing Doctrine of REPENTANCE
June 26, 2017 12:13 AM PDT
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Steven Dunne teaches what puritan writer John Milton called the Golden Key to Eternity : REPENTANCE. Often confused with and accused of being Legalism, true repentance is the most liberating life giving spiritual experience available to the human race!!!!
Miss it at your peril

Perilous and Glorious
June 26, 2017 12:06 AM PDT
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As we approach the return of JESUS: What will it be? Doom and Gloom or totally amazing? Steven Dunne help navigate the times we are in from God's Word

Rejection of Joseph
July 30, 2016 04:29 PM PDT
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This message give an overview of the story of Joseph from a Biblical and Koranic perspective. Comparisons are made between the rejection of Jesus and the rejection of Joseph

April 13, 2016 02:27 AM PDT
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This message will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and love beyond the borders of your comfort

Romanian Orphan story
February 11, 2016 12:37 AM PST
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Steven interviews Elena Dimcea, a Romanian Orphan, who through receiving visions of Jesus came to know Him personally. A truly life transforming story of God's redeeming power and love in the darkest of situations.

Complacency and Apathy
January 25, 2016 12:21 AM PST
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a message to address a growing cancer among the people of God.

January 24, 2016 12:52 AM PST
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This message addresses the challenges of the refugee crisis coming out of what has been dubbed the 10/40 Window. This could be the biggest crisis the western church has faced in our generation

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